Career Profile

Hello! I’m a Bachelor in Multimedia Arts student, content creator, and cryptocurrency enthusiast for over a year. I post random stuff every single day on my channel. I want to publish e-books in the future if ever, HODL for greatest crypto and literally making a spot in television.

Right now, I am doing some YouTube work, like Axie Infinity, the seachain tokenomics via Binance Smart Chain, and singing some theatrical music like Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Miss Saigon, Wicked, and many more.

I am also doing some gaming streams, like Valorant, TF2, and CSGO on my secret account, and I am also a technical owner of a multiple channels across YouTube and Odysee. Also secret.

In short, I’m literally everywhere.

Projects and Seminars

Here are the projects, open source programs, and seminars that I've contributed in the past years. You can see some great stuff any time soon on my resume here.

Community Dev on LBRY website - Join top creators and more than 10,000,000 people on LBRY, an open, free, and fair network for digital content.
Privacy Awareness Week - National Privacy Commission - Privacy Awareness Week is a global initiative to educate the public about privacy and how to protect their personal information.
National Youth Convention - STI College - The National Youth Convention is a convention that celebrates the youth of the Philippines.
Front End Web Developer Challenge - Udacity - Front End Web Developer Nanodegree is a 12-week, immersive program that teaches you how to build a career as a front-end web developer.
Kumu Creators Academy - Graduate - Kumu Creators Academy is a three-day, immersive program that teaches you how to create and share content on the platform.
Animahenasyon 2021 - Animation Council - ANIMAHENASYON is an annual animation festival that showcases Filipino talent in animation. The event is composed of plenary sessions on animation, technical workshop sessions, and an exhibition of companies offering animation and other creative services.

Skills & Proficiency



Basic Photoshop & Video Editing

Drawing and Illustration (2D)

Singing and acting stuff

Basic cryptocurrency knowledge